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Sell Your house FAST!
Sell AS-IS for the BEST Price.




Free Assessment. No Obligation.
Sell Your House In Any Condition!


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How It Works

Our Simple Process

Find out WHY 1000's of homeowners sell with SWIFT.

Step 1.


Fill out the form.

Once we receive your information our team will get started immediately on a property evaluation.

Step 2.


Receive Your Free Quote

Once our team does the proper

evaluation, we give you a fair

offer for you to review.

Step 3.


Sell Fast

Once we get an agreement, you get

to choose what date you want to

close by, we move on your time frame.

When You Should Turn To Swift

Swift helps you sell your house off-market for the highest price, without any work, in any condition. We specialize in houses that need updates or repairs. We’ve helped sellers in situations like these and more:

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Property is dated or in need of repairs

house structural issues.jpg

Financial distress such as medical bills or foreclosure

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Sudden or unexpected life events


Downsizing or relocation due to retirement


Traditional Real Estate Listings Have Nothing on This:


Traditional Companies

ZERO fees to sell your home

Work with a legitimate title company to assure clean transaction

Pay No Real Estate Commissions

Sell AS-IS. no repairs needed.

Close FAST in under 30 days or move at your pace

Request an offer with just 1 click

About Us

Join Our Happy Customers​

Saved $30,000+

owner 1.jpg

Matt & Amanda Brewer

"Swift has helped me sell my home fast & easy. I had a lot of issues with the property and they were able to close the property in under 30 days. Thank you guys."

San Bernardino, CA

Saved $25,000+

Homeowner 2.jpg

Devin & Aly Johnson 

"We had equity in our property and didn't want to pay any real estate commissions and found Swift. They made me an offer the same day and we walked away with a fast close. I appreciate the help at Swift Home Offer."

Kansas City, MO

Saved $35,000+

homeowner 3.jpg

Denise & Michael C.

"I inherited a property and just needed too much work to get it to 2023 standards. I found Swift on Google and it was a super easy process since I spoke with them."

Tucson, AZ


Fill out the simple form to receive your free quote. Our team will IMMEDIATELY review your information to make sure you receive the best terms possible. Fill out the form to learn more! 

Free Assessment. No Obligation.
  • What is my house worth?
    Determining the value of your house is super easy, thanks to our underwiters that use data and statistics to instantly calculate the value of your home, and provide a fair market estimate for your house.
  • How can I see my house fast?
    The easiest way to sell your house fast is to sell to a Swift for a number of reasons: You’ll get an market analysis on your home You can have an offer on your house in less than 48 hours You don’t have to hassle with upgrades, repairs, cleaning, staging, or showings You can choose your own closing date and You don’t have to worry about loans falling through because Swift will pay cash for your house.
  • How much can I sell my house for?
    If you’re curious what your house is worth, you can start by entering your house address into our free home value assessment tool. We use data from local and national iBuyers to determine the fair market value of your home and give you an accurate estimate of what you can expect to sell your house for
  • How do Swift Home Offers work?
    It’s simple, really. Submit your information on our website. The Swift Home Offer team, will review it and if your home qualifies, they give you an all cash offer within 24 hours. A Swift representative will review the offer with you. If you accept the offer they will send out someone to look at the house within 14 days of the agreement Next you’ll pick your closing date and some Swift reps will even help you move. If you want to save yourself the trouble of going to several websites then let Swift give you an estimate range of what we can offer for your house.
  • What's the difference between an Swift and a real estate agent?
    A Swift sale is quick and very efficient in that it saves you time in the transaction. It’s your option to do repairs on your house yourself or have the Swift do those and take those expenses out of the sale price.
  • Do I need a realtor to sell my house?
    No. Gone are the days when you have to hire a realtor, do home repairs, and hold open houses in order to sell your house. There is a new, faster, and easier way to sell your house without the hassle, and that’s by selling to an iBuyer.
  • How soon can I sell my house?
    That depends on whether you choose to sell your house in the traditional way, using a realtor, or if you choose to sell your house in the new, faster way, to an iBuyer. Traditional real estate transactions can take months as you have to handle all repairs and upgrades yourself before listing your house, prepare your house for showings, and then wait for an offer. You can speed up the process significantly if you sell to an iBuyer. iBuyers make cash offers on your house, sight unseen, and allow you to choose the closing date. You could have an offer from an iBuyer to purchase your house in less than 48 hours, and could close on the sale in as little as two weeks.
  • What is an Swift Home Offer?
    We purchase properties all cash and can close on your timeline. You don't need to put any work into the property we purchase it in as-is condition.
  • Can I negotiate with an Swift?
    A swift home offer agent will contact you after the underwriting team has given them information. If you feel that they’ve missed something in evaluating your house which would increase the price you absolutely can talk to them about it. They make offers based on valuation models which they follow because they are taking the risk in buying and selling your house.
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